Mother of a little boy since 2014, a fan of the homemade, touches everything, I love to discover, learn, imagine and create.

In love with nature, passionate about decoration, pastry and travel, I like to see beauty wherever it is, immortalize it in photos, share it on my blog, on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Originally from the Toulouse region, I have been living in Brian since 2011, after a few expatriations in Italy, Canada and Morocco.

My dream would be to return in a few years to the southwest of France, to live in a house in the countryside, near the ocean.

Being part of Generation Y, having fallen into the digital pot in my teenage years (as soon as my parents bought a 56K modem!), passionate about the web, it is naturally that I pursued my studies in communication and webmarketing.

Graduated in 2003 with a DUT Information-Communication, then in 2007 with a Master’s degree in Information-Communication, specialising in E-Redactionnel, I juggled the professions of web project manager, information architect and community manager, in France and Canada.

After some experience in companies, I decided to work as a freelancer at the beginning of 2009, when the status of auto-entrepreneur was created in France.

A true digital Swiss army knife, an entrepreneur at heart, a slasher, I juggle the hats of social media manager, content creator, SEO web editor, content manager and lifestyle blogger.

My little cloud is my second blog, I launched my first travel blog in 2007, when I moved to Quebec and then Morocco.

I created My little cloud in 2012, it’s a lifestyle blog, it presents a part of my universe where I share my travels, my favorites, my recipes, my passions, my discoveries, my desires, my inspirations, my life as a mother in Brian,….

You will surely have understood that the web and social networks are part of my daily life but I prefer by far meetings and exchanges in real life….

I don’t hesitate to take breaks and digital detox when the need arises.